Affordable Coffins for Cremation + Funeral Services

Our Cremation + Funeral Service includes the Budget Coffin, a simple coffin that can be personalised and decorated with pictures and drawings.

We offer two other, more traditional coffin options, at an additional cost.

Sydney funeral coffin with flowers

Budget Coffin

Raw Finish


Included in Cremation + Funeral Service


A simple coffin with a raw MDF Custom board finish and four yellow handles. You can make this coffin personal by treating the surface as a ‘canvas’ and writing messages or drawing pictures using your own markers.

Tweed Coffin

Teak Finish


Additional $560


The Tweed Coffin is ideal if your loved one wanted something simple but a little more stylish. The Tweed Coffin is a simple design with a teak-style, matte veneer finish and four maroon handles.

Richmond Coffin

Maple / Rosewood Finish


Additional $1,010


The Richmond Coffin provides a touch of elegance. It comes in either a Maple or Rosewood stain with glossy finish and includes six handles in either silver or gold colour. The coffin comes complete with plush satin liner and satin pillow.

You can discuss your coffin choice with our team when you call to arrange a Cremation + Funeral Service.

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