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General Questions

Our cremation only option is $1,840 and includes the transfer of your loved one into our care, legal paperwork, a simple coffin suitable for cremation, cremation and the return of the ashes to you. See details on our cremation only service here.

You don’t have to have a funeral. Our Cremation Only package is well suited to those who don’t want a funeral. Instead, your loved one is taken into our care, cremated, then their ashes returned to you. This is a the most affordable and simple cremation option, that takes place without a funeral service.

If your loved one has passed at home, you should call us as soon as you receive the medical cause of death paperwork from the doctor. We will organise the transfer of your loved into our care.

If your loved one has passed in the hospital, if you are the next of kin, you can contact our team when your loved one is ready to come into our care. This is usually the next day.

If your loved one passed in a nursing home, you may have been asked by the staff who your preferred funeral director is, and the nursing staff will contact us to arrange the transfer.

Our caring team will transfer your loved one into our care and take them to our professional mortuary, where they will be cared for in accordance with your wishes.

Your loved one will be placed into their coffin, and this will not be opened again (unless you have opted for a viewing).

From the mortuary, your loved one will be transferred to the crematorium or to the funeral service venue and then to the crematorium.

You will be required to complete the forms below, and our team is available to assist you as needed.

  • Information required by the Department of Births Deaths & Marriages. This information is needed in order to issue the official Death Certificate
  • NSW Department of Health Application for Permission to Cremate
  • Cremation Booking Form


A direct cremation is a private cremation, with no funeral service and no one in attendance at the crematorium. A person is cremated shortly after death and the ashes are returned to their family.

Rest assured, the Easy Funerals team will treat your loved one with care and dignity.

The NSW Public Health Regulation requires all cremations to use a coffin. A simple MDF (medium-density fibreboard) coffin is included as part of our Cremation Only Package.

We ask that any jewellery is removed from your loved one before they enter our care. Any jewellery that is left with your loved one, will be cremated with them. Please discuss this concern with us at the time of arranging.

Ashes will be sent to you by registered post. You also have the option to collect the ashes personally. Please discuss this with the funeral director when you call.


The cost of a funeral is influenced by personal preferences such as: where a service is held, choice of flowers and coffin, as well as any number of additions.

Funerals can be affordable if you choose simpler options.

Our Cremation Only service is $1,840 and our more traditional Cremation + Funeral Service costs $4,999.

You can provide some elements of the funeral service yourself. For example, if you act as the
celebrant for the funeral service, or if you arrange flowers picked from your own garden, you can save on these funeral costs.

Alternatively, our Cremation Only represents the lowest cost and simplest funeral option.

Payment for the funeral will be taken once you agree to the quote provided by our team. This will be before the cremation or the funeral service has taken place. Once you have paid for the cremation only or the cremation + funeral service, our team can finalise the funeral details and arrange for the cremation of your loved one.

The number of people who can attend a funeral service will depend on your chosen chapel venue. The seating capacity is noted for all chapels on our locations page.


No, this is a terrible myth and would be highly unethical. Once your loved one is placed into their coffin, they will not leave that coffin.

Processes are in place to make sure your loved one is accounted for at every stage of their journey. This is especially important for cremations.

One person is cremated at a time and the identity is checked at each step of the process, until the ashes are returned to you.

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“They were so easy to deal with and kept me up to date every step of the way.”

- Illawarra

“The no nonsense factual approach to our problem was enlightening.”

- Goulburn

“I found Easy Funerals extremely caring through a very difficult time of my family’s life. I wish to thank them so very much. Thank you everyone.”

- Illawarra

“I received the best treatment with the greatest respect and follow up and knowing that I was distraught they were so amenable and kind.”

- Shoalhaven

“We wanted simple and minimal expense”

- Shoalhaven

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